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Blast away 99.999% of Germs, Mold, Mildew and Odors in One Step !

Never before has there been one product that can do all this!

Vital Oxide Kills  e Coli, Listeria and Salmonella on Food Contact Areas in less than 60 seconds.
Vital Oxide Kills MRSA on gym mats, hospital beds and other sensitive areas.
Vital Oxide Eliminates Allergens such as pet dander and dust mite allergens.
Vital Oxide kills mold and mildew spores on hard surfaces, fabrics and carpeting.
Vital Oxide kills a wide range of viruses and bacteria and WILL NOT create "super bugs".

Use Vital Oxide on Sports gear, Sneakers and Shoes to eliminate odor and kill bacteria.

Use Vital Oxide on Pet beds, crates and surfaces to kill viruses, bacteria and eliminate odors.

Vital Oxide is used by cleaning and mold remediation contractors to prevent germs and mold
in Homes, Gyms, Schools, Hospitals, Doctor Offices, Universities, Yoga studios, Restaurants and all indoor areas.

A word from the inventor of Vital-Oxide

"The challenge we took on was to find an environmental sanitizing solution to the ever increasing spread of superbugs. Equally important, was not allowing further development of antibioticresistance or cancer causing environmental toxins.

Vital Oxide is our answer. The distinctive ability of Vital's active ingredient, stabilized CLO2, is unique in Nature. Powerful oxidizing action, selective in focus, that's driven by single electron exchange. 

Vital Oxide seeks out and neutralizes the source of mal-odors, and completely inactivates viruses and bacteria on a molecular level."Third party validation is an import step that keeps things honest. That's why having both national registration by USEPA,and international certification by  NSF, allow users the assurance to know our claims are real. 

Our label reads hospital grade disinfection, yet no rinse required on food contact surfaces - a  rare combination of strength and environmental protection. That's what you find in Vital Oxide." 

- James Burnett, Inventor Vital Oxide

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"We recently moved into an apartment in Philadelphia. As we began to clean we noticed an area in a bedroom where a cat was urinating or possibly where the litter box was kept. We used bleach and some other cleaning products to clean the area and nothing really worked.

We hired a cleaning company that used Vital Oxide on our entire apartment and especially the area where the cat urine odors were found.

At first we were a bit concerned because the odor got stronger, but the customer service people at VitalOxideDirect.com assured us that this is normal
and part of the unique Vital Oxide oxidation process. Each day the odors were less obvious and by day three the strong, putrid cat urine odors were completely gone.

Better yet, I was confident that the entire apartment was sanitized, fresh and and all without harmful chemicals."

Steven D.  
Philadelphia, PA