Posted by Carol on Nov 09, 2010

As seen on a recent Today Show segment, public areas like restrooms, gym showers and even airplanes are some of the germiest areas where we could pick up bacteria and viruses that could make us sick.

As far as public restrooms, the segment mentions that toilet seats are actually not the most like...

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It seems as though everything you touch from doorknobs to hand rails are loaded with bacteria, germs and viruses. In a recent article posted on, there are some simple ways to help protect yourself and your family from catching colds and flu this winter season. During the fall an...

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Posted by Carol on Nov 04, 2010

In a recent article written by the Children's Hospital in Boston, there is no doubt that reusable grocery bags are great for the environment with less plastic and paper wasted.  However, you might be surprised to find out just how sick they can make you and your family.

They discuss how the recent...

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Posted by Carol on Oct 22, 2010

In an article on, along with a study done by CBS news, our purses and pocketbooks are one of the most germiest things!

Wherever we go, our bags go with us.  From laying them on the seat on the subway, or placing them on a public bathroom floor, in a bar or club floor, or even laying the...

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As stated in a recent article on ParentDish by CDC Spokesperson Jeff Dimond, not wearing warm enough clothes when it's cold or going outside with wet hair does not actually cause a cold, it does, however, lower your resistance, making you more susceptible to the virus.

Dimond also points out th...

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