It seems as though everything you touch from doorknobs to hand rails are loaded with bacteria, germs and viruses.

In a recent article posted on, there are some simple ways to help protect yourself and your family from catching colds and flu this winter season.

During the fall and winter months we spend a lot more time indoors, breathing the same air.  By being mindful of good hygiene, we could help protect ourselves from these germs.

The first tip mentioned in the article recommends getting the flu vaccine.  The flu vaccine helps prevent your chances of getting sick by 70 to 90%.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you won't get the flu, but the vaccine will lessen with severity and length of the illness.

The second tip is to make sure you wash your hand frequently, and encourage those you come in contact with, like your family, to wash their hands, as well.  This will help get rid of the germs, viruses and bacteria you pick up when touching door knobs, etc.  According to the article, one study proved that college students that washed their hands frequently got fewer colds and illnesses.

The third tip pointed out that avoiding shaking a sick person's hand is common sense, however, there are many more places and surfaces where there are germs.  A recent study showed that 50% of classroom surfaces were full of germs and bacteria that could make you sick.  Not to mention door knobs, light switches, TV remote controls, computers and phones.  The recommendation was to use a good disinfectant product on all these surfaces to prevent contamination.

Number four was reminding us not to touch our eyes, noses and mouths,  This is one of the main ways a person transmits the germs into their bodies.  Remind others not to touch their eyes, noses and mouths, as well.

Tip number five was to stay hydrated.  Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily helps to keep our immune system strong.

Number six is to exercise regularly, which helps strengthen your immune system.  And keeping yourself at a healthy weight will also help your body's ability to fight off colds and flu.

The seventh tip is to take probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria your body needs.  Studies have shown people who include probiotics and foods containing them, like yogurt, have much less chance of catching a cold.

The eighth tip is to invest in a bottle of hand sanitizer.  Although you can not avoid germs completely, it is good to use hand sanitizers when hand washing is not an available option.

Tip number nine is to eat a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong.  Incorporating foods like fruits, vegetables, low-fat proteins, and complex carbohydrates will help strengthen your immune system.

The last tip is to make sure you get a good night's sleep.  Sleeping is when our immune sysytem is resting and repairing itself for the next day. Not enough sleep could run you down and will give colds and flu a chance to make you sick.

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