Posted by Carol on Nov 09, 2010

As seen on a recent Today Show segment, public areas like restrooms, gym showers and even airplanes are some of the germiest areas where we could pick up bacteria and viruses that could make us sick.

As far as public restrooms, the segment mentions that toilet seats are actually not the most likely place to pick up germs.  One reason is that urine is sterile and another reason stated was that basically, only our thighs might touch the seat, so it doesn't give much chance to spread germs.  The main concern was actually the walls of the bathroom stalls and the toilet paper.  The reason is that when we flush the toilet, that germy air flies out onto surrounding surfaces.  Make sure you wash you hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before leaving the restroom.

Gym showers was another important topic.  Apparently, wearing flip-flops into the shower will not protect you from the germs and bacteria.  When you step into the shower the water puddles up on your feet anyway, so there really is no protection against germs.  And they warned not to touch the walls of the shower, as they are loaded with bacteria.  The recommendation was not to take a shower at the gym if you could possibly avoid it.

The next subject was germs and bacteria on airplanes.  Most people worry that being in a confined place, breathing in the recycled air could possibly cause us to get sick.  According to this segment, the air that is being recycled goes through a filtering system and is probably cleaner than the air you breathe in your office.  However, if someone sitting next to you is sick, of course it is possible to catch the illness.  The advice here was to bring disinfectant wipes with you to wipe down all surfaces you might come in contact with, such as the trays, arm rests, etc. 

A Note From This Author

Of course it is nearly impossible to avoid all germs in public places.  However, it is best to be safe and protect ourselves when we can.

Here at VitaOxide Direct(TM), our primary concern is to help create a healthier indoor environment, keeping in mind the safety of the disinfectant for the environment, people and animals.

Our exclusive disinfectant is completely non-toxic, EPA Registered with no hazardous warnings required on the label, and NSF Certified to be safe for direct use on all food contact surfaces.  It oxidizes and kills 99.999% of bacteria, germs and viruses including all the above mentioned.  And because it is so safe and requires no hand wiping or rinsing, and takes minutes to dry, it is completely safe to be used directly on hard and porous surfaces and will not harm the environment, including people and animals.

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