"We recently moved into an apartment in Philadelphia. As we began to clean we noticed an area in a bedroom where a cat was urinating or possibly where the litter box was kept. We used bleach and some other cleaning products to clean the area and nothing really worked.

We hired a cleaning company that used Vital Oxide on our entire apartment and especially the area where the cat urine odors were found.

At first we were a bit concerned because the odor got stronger, but the customer service people at VitalOxideDirect.com assured us that this is normal
and part of the unique Vital Oxide oxidation process. Each day the odors were less obvious and by day three the strong, putrid cat urine odors were completely gone.

Better yet, I was confident that the entire apartment was sanitized, fresh and and all without harmful chemicals."

Steven D.  
Philadelphia, PA

"I live in an apartment near the beach and there is no window and little ventilation in the bathroom. I constantly battled mold and mildew, not

just on the tile and grout but also growing on the ceiling around the shower. I purchased a bottle of Vital Oxide and followed the instructions

from VitalOxideDirect.com to first clean the mold. I now lightly spray mist the tile and shower curtain after a shower and spray the ceiling about once

or twice per month. I've been doing this for about 7 months now and no mold has returned.  My bathroom always smells like it was just cleaned."

Asbury Park, NJ

"I use Vital Oxide on my hardwood floors. I dilute it about 8 ounces of Vital Oxide in a quart spray bottle of water. I spray the floors and

mop it with a "Libman" brand cloth mop. The floors are wonderfully clean, sanitized and it freshens the entire house all in one step"


Carol R.

Milford, NJ

From Contractors Who Use Vital Oxide

"As a mold remediation and waterproofing contractor I am always looking for the safest products to use on my jobs. Ron at VitalOxideDirect.com has  

has introduced me to this great EPA Registered product that is certified to kill mold without VOC's or dangerous chemicals. I use it on every job

and it works perfectly to kill and clean mold from surfaces. Also, it has no bad odors that I have to worry about."

Bill H.

Huntington Station, NY

" My business is primarily crawl space waterproofing. I spray every job with Vital Oxide to sanitize it against rodent droppings and kill any mold

spores that may be present. It makes it safer for my workers and gives me peace of mind that my customers are getting the best value for their



Jim O'Brian
Staten Island, NY

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